Application for EURODOS Membership

There are two ways to be formally associated with EURODOS. You can be a member or a friend. The difference concerning your rights is that only members have voting rights on EURODOS decisions.

To become a member you have to have friends from two other countries, memberstates of the OSCE to apply with you for membership. For details please refer to the Statute.

As the association has not yet formally been established there are no membership or friendship fees at the moment, but fees have to be expected to be about Euros 15,- per month.

You are interested in becoming a friend of EURODOS?

Please use the Membership Application Form

Or send an e-mail to and give information on your name, sex, age, address, nationality, and profession.

Or please write to:

EURODOS, P.O.Box 10186, NL-1001 ED Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Bank: Klaus Hagendorf - EURODOS -, La Poste Paris, No. 18 541 61 Y.

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